Investment in P3C

P3C: A Peer to Peer Rewards Points System

What is P3C?

P3C is a smart contact that currently exists on the Ethereum Classic blockchain that forms the core of a the P3C Reward Points System. The contract takes Ethereum Classic as input, distributes funds proportionally to other points holders, and increases the price for new points. When a user decides to liquidate their P3C points, they pull Ethereum Classic out of the contract and pay a penalty to currently existing points holders. The rules for the P3C contract can be found here, and we encourage you to dive deep into the cryptoeconomics of the system, as we believe this program allows micropayments and dividend dispersion all in a decentralized trustless manner. This sort of highly-liquid points system would be impossible pre-blockchain. Imagine getting liquid rewards points instantaneously.

How can P3C be used as a rewards points program?

By holding P3C tokens, you have a direct incentive to encourage more participation in the P3C ecosystem, because it comes back to you directly as a P3C holder as dividends. We believe that if you give customers equity in a loyalty program, like P3C, users will insist on using P3C in the future since they receive part of the future network growth.

Event Ticketing on P3C

Using P3C as a core loyalty program we see the potential to disrupt the live event ticketing industry, starting with peer to peer programs (Meetup, Eventbrite, Brownbag tickets) and eventually to large ticket processors (Ticket Master, LiveNation). Here is how:

Here is how P3C operates behind the scenes in the case of $20 ticket + $2.50 processing fee:

The event promoter also has 3% of the $2.50 (.07 cents) because of the masternode bonus of that ticket lying in their P3C account which they can either withdraw as Ethereum Classic immediately, or reinvest by purchasing more P3C with it.

Again, this is a system which encourages loyalty. Users gain P3C and know that if they attend more events in the future which use P3C, they receive a share of the profits. Users can also invest directly into the growth of P3C by purchasing it with Ethereum Classic themselves on the webpage.

Winning based on fees

The goal of P3C Tickets is to reduce fees for the promoter. Because the owners and investors hold P3C and have a stake in the success of Ethereum Classic adoption, we are willing to subsidize promoters so we are more competitive than other competing ticketing services. Ideally, we can offer no credit card processing fee. So if the promoter sells the ticket for $20, they see $20 enter their account. This is in contrast to our competitors:

Ideally in the future as we gain more users, we switch to collecting payments entirely in crypto to pay promoters and no longer have to worry about any credit card processing fees. We can give users more P3C for using this method.

Interested in the project? How do I invest?

Currently P3C is an entirely open source project, while the ticketing project is not. The P3C code is public on the Ethereum Classic network and can never be changed. As the development team, we currently hold a substantial portion of the P3C tokens, which means that we receive a substantial portion of the dividends to fund the system.

If you are interested in investing, we ask that you simply buy P3C rewards points from the smart contract like any of our users. You can do this either by going to the webpage and buying from our masternode link:

or sending Ethereum Classic (ETC) directly to the smart contract from a wallet (it will credit you with P3C)